Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Way to Feel Special: It's Cooler to Work at Two Companies Than One!

Apparently no one realized that I left this job. I've been gone for at least a year!  In addition to being a recruiter, I guess I am still technically a middle school teacher, according to the website.  I don't know if I should feel honored that they are holding onto my memory, jilted for the new teacher who took my place whose name isn't indicated, or sad that no one noticed I am gone.    Funny thing is that the link worked... I wonder who is checking my email still...Kinda funny!

On another note, my more recent past employer is still using my name on ads I wrote for jobs 6 months ago.  Is this Identity Theft technically?

P.S.-  I am working on another post.  Here's a sneak preview of a drawing.  Siskel and Ebert never thought of WILDLIFE for their rating system! And PROFESSIONAL Penguins, no less!   That would have made ME watch more movies!  "And Rio received 4 Professional Penguins for Best Picture..."

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