Sunday, May 1, 2011

Woo hoo and Un Woo hoo: Extreme Aspects of My New Temp Job!

I have big news.. And by big news, I mean a small change.  Because when you have nothing big going on, a small change is big news!  I got a temporary job as a recruiter through a referral. It’s not permanent and I don’t get vacation or sick days.  But it’s work … And I’m definitely going to continue with the blog because technically I don’t have a “career” job (What is a career anyway?)  and I’ll definitely still have funny stories to share from recruiting and from the permanent job search...

The Good, Bad and Bleh

But, some money is better than no money, and I am very grateful for the opportunity, even if it is never guaranteed to continue and is only going for about 4 months.  

So about the new job....There are parts of it that are awesome to which I say, "Woo hoo!" and then jump up, sing and optimistically fist pumping the air like a I'm on Jersey Shore.

I look like this:

...and there are some parts that are are times to "Un Woo hoo!" in which I slink into my chair, deflated and less confident, want to say "Bleh"

and I look like this.                                      


I would like to share these with you now.

The Woo Hoos and Un Woo Hoos as a Temporary Recruiter

Out o' Da Pump, Not Down the Dwain.

Woo Hoo for a paycheck!  No public assistance for this girl, and no more draining the savings!

Un Woo Hoo for helping people find positions that are much more well-paid than mine with way less required training.  Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for them...but it's still rough.  There are many days I wish I had gotten a technical degree in Pizza Consumption, a certificate in The Science of Being Random and Zany or a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Karaoke.  I could go on the road singing karaoke with choreography and eating gluten free pizza in eating contests.  That would be the life for me!

Daily Rituals
Woo Hoo for getting out of the house, having goals and taking daily showers!
Un Woo-Hoo for 40 mile commutes in heavy traffic.

Moola, Moola

Woo Hoo for steps toward financial stability and rebuilding the savings account!
Un Woo Hoo for paying for gas out the wazoongamunga (or butt- the short version is wazoo).  (Would you like your bonus in cash or gas cards? Gas cards, Puh-leeze!)

Prestige is the Name of a Car by Kia
Woo Hoo for experience in a field I'm trying to learn a lot in.  (Former teachers like to learn?  Unheard of!  :)  )
Un Woo Hoo for trying to explain my job history in one sentence why I am out of work again for my 10 year high school reunion and why I quit a full-time permanent teaching job with "summers off" (yeah right- more like I lived in my classroom and/or was taking college classes).

Talky, Talky
Woo Hoo for a job that lets me be outgoing and talk to people around the country.
Un Woo for being able to exhibit very little creativity in how I interview.  This just comes with the job. If I had my pick of questions, however, I would add this one to the list: "Tell me about your first pet.  How did you treat him and how do you know he loved you?"  You could tell a lot about a person by this question!  I might also ask, "Without feeding me B.S., why do you feel you are qualified for this position." It would show how many people actually read the job description before they apply.  But alas, I'm not allowed that freedom yet.  A girl can dream though.

TaDa!  My list of Woo Hoo's and Un Woo Hoo's and a bit of an update on the job transition from public to corporate steward.   I think for my next post, I'm going to make up a list of interview questions that I'd LOVE to ask, but know I probably cant.

Can you relate to any of these?  What are pros and cons to your field or job or just life right now?  I'm curious to know more about how other people feel about work, being unemployed, giving up a career for kids, etc. 


  1. hahaha I love your little illustrations.

    Pros- money, insurance

    Cons- let's face it, I'd rather sit home and watch HGTV in my pajamas

    I can't wait to give up my career for kidlets. Goodbye deadlines, hello PBS kids. I'm totally going to be that mom that lives in Nike running shorts year round and feeds my kids frozen waffles for lunch.

  2. Good stuff!! I'm glad to hear you're taking daily showers.:)

    Pros of my job: Money (or lack of, but at least a regular paycheck)

    Cons: Terrible office lingo like "Put your nose to the grind stone," (=get to work!) "REACH OUT to XXX," (=email) "Let's chat about your strengths and opportunities," (=let's talk about what you suck at), bubble it up to XXX (=escalate the issue)...

  3. Love you, are a stitch. Great writing, good reading. May you have grace through the Woohoos and Un- whoohoos! Miss you guys...come visit us. ~ Mary Jo

  4. Yes, love your pictures. I say congratulations, I think. I just took a part-time gig, no benefits and it is less than 1/4 of what I used to make. So, I'm still looking. I know what you mean. It is good to be employed, but really, aren't I worth more?

  5. Great blog. Thank you for the morning smile.