Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ruff Crowd: Dumb Jokes and Wisdom for Dog Lovers: Issue #1

So I couldn't resist. My dumb humor took over. Everyone who knows me knows I think of my dog as more human-ish than he is sometimes. This includes involving him in discussions, letting him eat popcorn out of my mouth (okay, not such a human interaction and probably gross to most people), and including him in daily household activities –like enticing him with a dishtowel hoping he'll one day pick up cleaning the floor on his own.

And versus a very witty or logical sense of humor, mine is more a combination of slapstick and finding humor in blatant miscommunication. Here is a prime example. Don't worry, I'll still keep writing about employment issues, but I thought it would be fun to show my love for "Aminals". This is Wally, our Boston Terrier, at 3 months old. He was fully content to sit and have his picture taken while sitting in my husband's arms.

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