Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Skills You Have, Not Those You Wish To Have

This clip is from the british hit t.v. show "I.T Crowd".  I.T. of course stands for "Information Technology" department.  My husband and I love "this bit o' brit 'yhumor".

What I found extremely funny is that Jen, one of the main characters, is completely honest about her lack of computer knowledge, but lies on her resume, and despite all that, still gets hired on as the I.T. department's "Relationship Manager".  Her bloopers from then on are hilarious.  Especially her misconceptions about Google and the Internet.

 The clip here is one of my favorites. While wishing that hires were always this easy for me, I believe it might be a good thing that they're not. Props to the HR department.

 Despite being passed over for many interviews, I'm glad I didn't get jobs that weren't a good fit for me, based on my background, experience or personality.  I've heard many unfortunate stories, even from hiring managers whom I worked with of job candidates who overestimated their skills on a computer program, or who shared the skills they "wish" they had, and after a week on the job, got canned or after checking references, were never hired.

I can't help but wonder, though, what would have happened or where I would have been hired, had someone been flexible with the job qualifications.  In this economy, it's all about what you have done OR who you know. In fact many get positions, 30 to 60% , through referrals.  No matter how hardworking you are, personally, I don't think you can go very far without basic qualifications for a job you seek and once you're on the job, someone is likely to find out you may have the drive, but you don't have the skill.

In any case, I have no regrets about my background in teaching and how I've shared my experiences.  The right job will come.  I can't help but wonder though what it would be like.

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  1. Hi. I'll have to try to break Google. Ha. Enjoyed your post. I think I've decided to start my own business, then customers can reject me, instead of employers. Good Luck!