Monday, July 11, 2011

"I Used to be in a Higher Income Bracket" Isn't Something You Should Ever Say To Your Boss

Life got a little more bleak in the last few weeks even since I've been employed.  It's been hard to snap out of it.  I lost some creativity I think...

But I have kind of a funny story from work to share.

Picture this scenario:

I'm sitting at my desk getting ready to leave for the day.  My boss sits 8 feet away from me and has a perpetually open door in an office that  reverberates any sound you utter under your breath.  My boss comments that her cell phone doesn't "do anything", despite the fact it's a Blackberry.  I casually mention that has free ringtones and backgrounds among other things for free and it's a good deal.  My co-worker says to my boss and I, "Oh, you two and your fancy phones.  All I have is this cheap-o phone."  I say, "Well, I clearly was in another income bracket when I got this phone and could afford it."  Boss gives weird look like she is mortally wounded.  Kaaren can't put foot in mouth fast enough. Kaaren backs out of office quickly hoping Boss will take comment as a testament to only how expensive the phone is and nothing else.

That was last Friday.

Blahh blee blah blah.... Well, maybe I am making less, but I like the work.


Money making ideas I came up with just now:

  • Hiring out my dog, Wally, to the local daycare for $30 a day.  He can play with all the kids and compete for their balls and toys.
  • Inventing a cheap way to cool the house in a Minnesota summer by placing bags of ice around the house. 
  •  Reading to kids in my complex and doing voices for $5 a story + tips.
  • Cleaning my own furniture, extending its life so we don't have to replace it so soon ($30 a month up to $800)
  • Creating my own office paper out of recycling hand towels; notepads are things that I have to supply myself in the office  (yep, thought we were behind purchasing our own  materials when I resigned from the school district and moved to corporate)
  • Weaving old socks into dog toys and dyeing them by just washing them with some bright red and green shirts to mooch off some of the color.
  • Getting a second job as an impersonator.  

Any suggestions out there?  How can I save money in this economy?  Beuller?...  Beuller?

Tomorrow's post: What a nice weekend I had out of town, things you shouldn't say to a client, more resume bloopers, etc.

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