Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Work on a Saturday

We had another crazy week of work-  I'm recruiting for a really big project in the coming weeks and so we're recruiting like 400 people for a job.  That's all I'll say (Can't disclose a lot of information if you are working on a job like this or what it's for...)  It got so busy that I had to come in to work on Saturday for about 5 hours.

When I have to do mass recruiting, I HAVE to have something outside of work that I can focus on or I start getting all weird and anxious. (See picture at right)

And because I have all this creative energy, I started writing another book on top of the fun, goofy one I'm writing.  This one is a little more serious.  It's called, "If you Give a Grad a Benefits Package"...Yep, it's a knock off of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"- a children's book from the 80s that talks about what favors a mouse asks for when you start giving him what he wants.  My book is going to be sassy though-- and probably illogical.  It's going to be a big hit, I promise.  And it's going to have artwork and lots of fun diction.

But anyways...I digress.  My in-laws flew in all the way from California to spend time with us before we all went to Jon's (my husband's)  ---never did figure out how this grammatical phrase worked-  is it Jon, my husband's, aunts"....Oh, nevermind.  Well anyway, it's Jon's relatives' 30th anniversary party.  We went out for Mongolian Barbecue on Friday night because I am limited to vegetables for the next who knows how long and annoyingly have to avoid most starches so anything with mostly meat and veggies is about it for now.  This was yummy though.

I worked for about 5 hours on Saturday and after interviewing for 40 hours straight, and then putting in overtime to interview, I feel like I want to just ask dumb interview questions and see what the candidate says and treat it like a real interview.   Encouraging them to give a really stupid answer would be especially entertaining.  OR maybe let them know ahead of time that these interview questions wouldn't be taken as seriously and they can answer off the record.

I especially dislike the "What is your greatest weakness?" question.  If I could answer honestly, I would give it in the worst format and make it extremely personal/related to home -  two things you shouldn't do in an interview.  My answer:  Dishes.  Jon typically has to redo the ones I do.

Sunday was fun--- we went to a new church up the block.  The fact that my father-in-law is a pastor always gives another social element because he knows a lot of people wherever we are.  My mother-in-law is a hoot and a half.  She grabbed this for me to take in the car on the ride home because she thought it would be entertaining.  :)

And then we ended the day at the 30th Wedding Anniversary.  It was a great way to end the day-  Hay bales you could write on, wine tasting, chocolate tasting, and more Lemon Ricotta Cake than my gluten- free stomach could handle.  It was a stomach ache worth waiting for, but seriously, why be on such a serious diet when you're going to cheat on such a magnanamous level!  And seriously, how great is a party that has wine with labels like these that my husband's cousin made!

Hope your weekends were great albeit busy!

What interview questions do you hate?
What weird question would you give/ have you given in an interview that you regret?  OR is there an answer you wish you would have given because you never would have gotten the job?  Just curious... :)

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