Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Starting Out

I have to painfully admit that even at my youngish age of less than thirty, I have neither done a blog nor have I ever TWEETED!  Such a sin, I know.  I thought I could redeem myself by starting one.  It sort of has a theme.  I'll explain.

Late 20s is a weird period of life.  You're too old to hang out with college-age kids since you're seen as "adult".  You don't feel so welcome at the adults' table at Thanksgiving because you can't talk topics about retirement, politics or menopause because you haven't experienced them "firsthand" or whatever that means.  You are, however, old enough to pay taxes and have babies (according to most parents).

....and have a job.... IF you can get one.

We all know "what's up" in our economy, but what I find is that the more I try to be gainfully employed to no avail and work dead-end jobs or jobs I loved that burned me out, the more creativity I tend to have in other areas.  I hope to show how qualified I am in life by continually learning, making the common seem not-so-common, and imagining new and interesting situations that I WOULD LOVE to have happen.

I find that, like many, I'm overqualified for most jobs that are hiring but underqualified in experience, underqualified for adulthood but in my head, I'm qualified for everything else.  :)

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